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Election 2011:  Victory in Ohio!

From workers’ rights in Ohio to immigrant rights in Arizona to bond money to build a new police station in West Linn, the 2011 election was a success for working families.  

Yesterday, 61% of Ohioans voted against Issue 2 - wiping SB 5 off of the map and restoring collective bargaining rights for Ohio’s public employees.  The people of Ohio sent a message to their Governor Kasich, the Koch Brothers and all other opponents of workers’ rights: Pushing an anti-worker agenda will only strengthen the resolve of working people.  

The win in Ohio is proof that defending workers’ rights is a powerful motivator to get out the vote:

•    According to exit polling, one-fourth of Kasich supporters voted against Issue 2.   

•    Issue 2 was defeated by a 14 percentage point-margin in Ohio’s private-sector households.  

•    30% of Republicans voted to uphold collective bargaining rights.

Many pundits called this election a bellwether for 2012.  This does not mean that the 2012 Election will be simple, easy or a guaranteed win.  But it does mean that elected officials and candidates will have to change their priorities if they want to win – and it means your efforts to bring important issues to the forefront are paying off.  Through the struggle to maintain workers’ rights, the labor movement has gained a foothold in the uphill climb to strengthen the middle class.  

We will continue our momentum and keep climbing as election season heats up as long as you keep volunteering to phone bank, canvas and participate in worksite flier programs.

Thank you to everyone who phone banked from Oregon to speak with voters in Ohio about this important issue, and we look forward to seeing the rest of you during upcoming elections.

In Other News...

I Am The 99%

Have you joined ‘faces of the 99%’ on Facebook yet?  Head to www.facesofthe99.org to download and print your ‘I am the 99%’ and then head to www.facebook.com/facesofthe99 and upload a photo of yourself holding your sign with a caption like this: “My name is John. I am a worker.  I am the 99%” 

“Robin Hood in Reverse”

The Republicans on the Senate “Super Committee” have proposed cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits while lowering tax rates for the richest Americans.  In a recent statement, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka describes this attack on the middle class as Robin Hood in reverse. Read the rest of President Trumka’s statement here and let us know what you think about the Super Committee’s actions on our Facebook page.


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