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April 2: International Solidarity Event

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Download the flyer: http://www.oregonsvoiceonline.com/april2.pdf

April 4: Keep Dr. King’s Dream Alive
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Download the flyer: http://www.oregonsvoiceonline.com/april4.pdf

Oregon Wants to Work Holds Second Meeting

Oregon Wants to Work held the second meeting of unemployed and underemployed workers yesterday evening at the PCC Workforce Training Center in North East Portland with 50 people in attendance.
At the group’s first meeting last month, workers identified the areas where they need assistance most. Addressing those issues, experts from WorkSource Oregon, the Oregon Employment Department and Multnomah County Community Services led workshops last night covering tax assistance, unemployment insurance and resume building.

Participants are ready to put Oregon back to work, including Working America member Gary Oman who said that “millions of Americans want to do something but none of it matters until you roll up your sleeves and get to work.”

At the end of the meeting participants were again given the opportunity to get involved in planning next month’s meeting, which will be on April 20th. Receive updates about the group and find out what’s in store for that meeting at http://www.facebook.com/oregonwantstowork and http://www.oregonwantstowork.com. If you're looking for work or know someone who is make sure to get involved.

In Other News...
Dosha Salon is Organizing!

Your next haircut or massage could be from a union member, if Dosha Salon votes to organize. The 155 union eligible employees of Dosha will vote on March 29th and 30th to decide if they will join CWA Local 7901. Read more about Dosha, and about why they want to organize here: http://www.nwlaborpress.org/2011/0318/3-18-11CWA.html.

After a year and a half of organizing efforts, the campaign is heating up. If you’re interested in voicing support for the salon workers who are seeking representation, head to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dosha-workers-unite/112668432145089 and let them know!

AWPPW InteliCoat Workers On Strike Over Unfair Labor Practices

The Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers Union (AWPPW) members who work at InteliCoat Technologies announced on Monday that they are going on over ongoing unfair labor practices. The strike will continue until InteliCoat agrees to remedy the situation and acts in accordance with the National Labor Relations Board.

“The employees’ decision to strike is based solely on what we believe to be the company’s continued violations of the National Labor Relations Act,” said AWPPW Area Representative Ken Hardwick. “We have been disappointed to see instead of adhering to a fair process for addressing our bargaining differences.”

They are currently only picketing during the plant’s day shift: 7:00am to 3:00pm. Come show your solidarity and lend a hand to this small workforce - 12238 N. Portland Road, Portland, Oregon 97217.

Directions to the picket line are as follows:
- Off Interstate 5 - Go West on Marine Drive.
- Go past the Portland Expo Center.
- At the railroad overpass (at traffic light) turn left onto North Portland Road.
- Picket line is one block on the left.

For more information, please visit http://www.awppw.org/index.cfm?zone=/unionactive/view_article.cfm&HomeID=198652

An Alternative Approach to Oregon’s Budget Crisis
Oregon is in a tough place, and cuts will have to be made. But we shouldn’t balance the budget just by cutting front line workers. There are many places where the state can save money to help offset painful cuts and those must be a priority during the budgeting process.

One way to limit the cuts is to carefully look at the manager to worker ratio among our state’s workforce. If we shift the ratio of workers-to-managers to nearly 7 workers to every manager next year and nearly 8 to 1 the following year we can save a total of $71 million.

Head to http://www.oregonstrongvoice.com and http://www.facebook.com/oregonstrongvoice later on this week to learn more about the ideas presented in a recent report called a Roadmap to a Better Way.

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