Weekly Update: The Final Push.

Take Action

Ballots are due by 8:00pm on Tuesday, November 6th.  If you haven’t mailed them by Saturday, please drop them off at a designated ballot dropbox - click here to find one nearest you!

Get out the vote!
Click here for a flier with all the details to help deliver the winning votes in this crucial election.

Rockstar Union of the Week

Thanks to LIUNA 296 for being our Rockstar Union of the Week!  Local 296 has helped get out the vote with great volunteer turnout for several phone banks and canvasses. 

6 Days

Have you voted?  Has your family voted?  Friends?  Coworkers? Only one-third of Oregonians have turned in their ballot! 
Election Day is less than a week away – and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and turn out hundreds of thousands of more votes.  Every vote counts – as we saw in Florida in 2000 when less that 600 votes elected George W. Bush and in 1992 when Kate Brown won her Primary Election for the Oregon State Legislature by a mere 7 votes.

Make sure to turn your ballots in by 8:00pm on Tuesday, November 6th.  If you’re unable to get it in the mail, please click here to find dropboxes near you!  Encourage your friends and family to get their ballots in as soon as possible.

Crucial races such as the Labor Commissioner and the Secretary of State could come down to very slim margins of victory.  Each door knock and phone call over the next 6 days will determine which candidates take office.   If you’re ready to support candidates who stand up for our hardworking and middle class families, see this week’s Take Action or head to www.oraflcio.org to find out how you get involved in Labor 2012’s final push!

In Other News...

Beyond the Election: Shattering the ‘Grand Bargain’

A group of Senators who are not up for reelection are brokering a deal behind closed doors – and this deal has drastic implications for the American middle class.

Called the “Grand Bargain,” the plan relies on the belief that Democrats will have no other option but to accept Social Security and Medicare benefit reductions in order to have the Republicans agree to raising more revenue.  This bargain is a farce.  Benefit reductions are not the only option, and any plans should be discussed in the open, not behind closed doors. 

To read more about this issue, see an editorial by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and stay tuned for ways that you can join the fight.

Organizing Update: Transportation Workers

Two exciting organizing campaigns are heating up: 

  • The Union Cab Cooperative, affiliated with CWA 7901, will go before the Portland City Council on November 7th to make their case for new taxi permits to be issued to the Cooperative.
  • First Transit Paratranist Workers in Region 3 will vote on whether or not to form a union on November 7th. 

Look for an update in the coming weeks about both campaigns!

Update:  Boise White Paper – St. Helens Town Hall

The town hall in St. Helens regarding the closure of the Boise White Paper Mill scheduled for November 3rd has been cancelled.

For more information: If you’re an AWPPW member, please contact your union.  If you’re not an AWPPW member, please contact Oregon AFL-CIO Workforce Liaison Mark Warne.



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