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Fathers’ Day is just around the corner – Sunday, June 17th.  Make sure to purchase union-made goods for Dad this year! 

If you’re having a BBQ, try some of these union-made meats - Hot dogs: Oscar Meyer, Nathan’s, Hebrew National, Ball Park, Hormel; Sausages & Brats: Johnsonville, Armour, and Eckrich.

If Dad has a sweet tooth, pick up a bag of Jelly Bellies or some See’s Candy!

Find more gift ideas here: www.uniongoods.org



For the past year and a half, Wisconsin has stood tall and fought like hell to defend the rights of their workers.  The tireless efforts of all who demonstrated, canvassed, phone banked and even voted deserve sincere thanks.

 The outcome of yesterday’s election is not ideal – Scott Walker remains in office.  But he must now answer for his campaign against working people - a campaign which divided the state he purports to represent. The people have spoken: Divisive politics are not right for any state and elected leaders who push agendas like Walker will be held accountable - in this case by taking away his State Senate majority. 

Walker did not win because he is the right leader for Wisconsin – he won because he received tens of millions of dollars from out-of-state conservatives, the Koch Brothers and other supporters of his ideology.  His success in yesterday’s election does nothing to stop the strong coalition of people who have come together to defend Wisconsin.

While Walker may remain in power, our nation’s labor movement, along with our coalition of pro-worker organizations, is growing and learning how to respond to threats quickly through grassroots organizing.  We will not stop fighting for workers’ rights.


In Other News...

Romney’s $2,500 Lunch

Mitt Romney came to town on Monday to hold a $2,500 per-plate fundraiser.  For another $5,000 you could even get the opportunity to have a photo with the former Governor. 

Since the vast majority of Oregonians cannot afford such a luxurious afternoon, and since Romney refused to interact with the general public at all, the Oregon AFL-CIO along with other groups brought our message to him, outside of the Governor Hotel in downtown Portland.

Click here to watch a video of a press conference held prior to the demonstrations. 

Click here to see photos from the event.


PrideNW 2012

Pride @ Work, a constituency group for LGBT union members and allies, will be taking it to the streets for PrideNW’s Pride Parade on Sunday, June 17th.  If you’re interested in marching in the parade to support workers’ rights for all Oregonians, contact Shellea Allen at prideatworkoregon@gmail.com.




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