Weekly Update: Fair Share or Barely Sharing?

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2012 Primary
It’s time for union members to phonebank and canvass to put a worker-friendly majority back in our State House of Representatives and elect candidates who will stand up for our families and the middle class.

Click here to download a flier with all of the dates and details.

Pay Your Fair Share – Actions for a Stronger Oregon

The gap between the 99% and the 1% is increasing.  Corporations and the ultra-wealthy are paying taxes at lower rates compared to middle class families – and 26 major corporations aren’t paying any taxes at all.  It’s time to put pressure on these outdated tax policies – and the corporations and politicians who support them.

There are a variety of actions happening all over the state on April 17th to point out the many ways we could build a stronger Oregon, like ensuring tax day isn’t a holiday for millionaires – click here to find one closest to you and stand up for a fair economy that works for everyone – not just the ultra-wealthy.  

This week, President Obama has stepped up his attack on wealth inequality by calling for the ‘Buffett Rule’ to be voted upon in the Senate.  This will ask the highest income families to pay the same tax rate as the rest of us, and has real potential to help our nation’s debt crisis and slow the skyrocketing gap between the 1% and the 99%. Click here to call on your Senators to support the Buffett Rule.

In Other News...

IBEW Local 48 Unveils Charging Stations

IBEW Local 48 unveiled new charging stations this morning to accommodate the rising demand for electric cars and to help their membership stay at the forefront of a new industry.  Speakers at the event included Nancy Sutley, President Obama’s principal environmental adviser and chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality along with Senator Jeff Merkley, Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, and Cylvia Hayes. 

The guests toured IBEW/NECA’s training facility before addressing attendees and media about the significance of the charging stations.

Rally to Save the Postal Service

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 12th there are rallies happening statewide to save America’s Postal service. The US Senate will be debating Postal legislation sometime next week, and we are rallying to encourage Senators to vote NO on S1789!

Click here to see a list of rallies across Oregon.



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