Weekly Update: May Day, Free Trade and the 1%.

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This Saturday in Portland

Help elect worker-friendly candidates in key primary races!

We’re canvassing THIS SATURDAY at 10:00am at 3645 SE 32nd Ave (just south of Powell blvd)

Please contact Jess at (503) 232-1195 ext. 114 or jess@oraflcio.org to sign up. 

Not sure if you’ll be able to make it?  Come down anyway, we’ll cut a few extra packets! 

Statewide May Day Events

International Workers Day saw action across the state as thousands of workers, activists, union members and Occupiers took to the streets.   The message was loud and clear: Workers rights, immigrant rights and the end of corporate America’s choke-hold on the middle class must come soon.

In Salem, well over 1,000 people rallied and marched outside of the State Capitol.  Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian spoke, and delivered a message from Governor Kitzhaber.  In his statement, the governor pledged to help Oregon’s economy and our immigrant population by finding ways to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses, “allowing people to come out of the shadows and contribute to our state's economic recovery."  200 activists turned out in Madras, carrying similar messages to the Salem contingent.

Portland’s actions were widespread and diverse.  A student rally outside of Portland Public Schools headquarters demanded an end to budget cuts, Occupy Portland rallied throughout downtown and liberated a foreclosed home in Northeast Portland, and hundreds of labor and Latino activists rallied and marched through downtown.  The media, unfortunately, chose to focus on a small amount of arrests at an unpermitted march.

In Other News...

Free Trade & Backroom Deals

Our nation’s trade policies have asymmetrically benefited corporate America over the interests of working people and the middle class.  They fuel conflicts by creating a race to the bottom and gutting entire towns as factories shutter to move overseas.

Back-room deals are making trade policies totally inaccessible to public input.  If you think the 99% deserves a voice in how our country trades, sign on to the Citizens Trade Campaign petition calling for a change.  Then, go to Facebook and let us know how trade policies affect your family.

Mr. 1%

Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican candidate for President is compared to President Obama in this hard-hitting video from the AFL-CIO.

Click here to watch the video and share it with your friends!  Let’s spread the word that Mitt Romney does not have our back.


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