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As the Occupy Movement prepares for the 99% Spring, we encourage Oregon’s union movement to learn more about how the 1% is fed by excessive CEO pay and more. 

National AFL-CIO Endorses President Obama For a Second Term

President Obama earned the endorsement of the AFL-CIO General Board this week, amid much discussion about what union members value in a candidate.  “Values” have been repeatedly emphasized by Republican candidates who hope to capture so-called “values voters.”  The difference between our leaders’ discussion and theirs, though, is that we’re talking about the values America’s working families share – things like hard work, integrity, making an investment in our children and our future, a fair chance for all workers.

President Obama has backed those values up with policies that help American workers.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Affordable Care Act are among the many accomplishments that guided the General Board’s decision this week.  Click here to read more about why the Board voted enthusiastically to continue to support President Obama.

We hope that supporting President Obama will pave the way toward a revival of American manufacturing, protection of workers’ rights and a continued effort to rebuild our middle class.  In addition to supporting the President, we must also support and work hard for political candidates – both local, statewide and national – who share our values and will fight for working families with each vote.

Let’s show President Obama that Oregon’s union movement has his back. Add your voice here.

In Other News...

University of Oregon Faculty Votes for a Union

Faculty at the University of Oregon have voted to form a union, which will help them speak with a unified voice as they work with University administration to meet the needs of their growing student body.  “We are joining together as colleagues to help make our great university even better,” said Tina Boscha, Instructor of Composition.  

The majority of the faculty voted to form a union – including research faculty, non-tenured and those working toward tenure. The state Employment Relations Board will confirm the majority before the faculty will be officially certified as a union.  Faculty members who signed cards have selected affiliation with both the American Association of University Professors and the American Federation of Teachers.

Portland Cab Drivers

Cab drivers in the City of Portland are ramping up their campaign for better wages, fair treatment, safer working conditions and a more equitable permitting system. The more the word gets out, the more drivers get involved. If you’re interested in getting involved and helping the fight, get ready for action.

Right now you can educate yourself on the issues and speak to your driver the next time you take a cab.  In coming weeks, cab drivers will need your support at a City Council meeting. Stay tuned for details.

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