For the Unemployed

 Almost everyone will experience unemployment at some point in their lifetime. It's scary, and the toll it takes on your relationships, finances, and career path can be long-lasting. But the most important thing to remember is that you're not alone.

While we don't provide services or have jobs available, we do have a list of some great resources and places to turn, and important information that can help you stay in your house and keep food on the table until you find that next great job.



Where do you start after losing your job?
The first step for any unemployed worker is to take positive action. This guide will get you started.

Courtesy of the National AFL-CIO, this is a guide to dealing with creditors, bills and utility payments.

You may have a number of choices, depending on the circumstances of the job loss. This guide will help sort everything out.

From food banks to help with energy payments, this guide has all the phone numbers you will need to survive unemployment.

Unemployment Lifeline

The Unemployment Lifeline lets you search for the resources you need, find other people in similar situations to share tricks, and get advice form people who have been there.  Be sure to check the "When the Paycheck Stops" section for tips you might not hear anywhere else. 

Check it out - there are more places to turn for help in your area than you think!




Learn about The Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative for mortgage assistance.

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