Labor unions are involved in politics for many different reasons, and we take positions on diverse issues.  But one thing is always consistant - we stand up for issues that affect your workplace, and we provide a voice for Oregon's often-overlooked middle class and the hard-working people across the state who struggle every day to support their families.

Learn how you can get involved, and what it means to be part of the movement standing together for Oregon's middle class.



“Too many voters are being disenfranchised in this country, and much of it is intentional,” said Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain. “In too many states we have seen calculated efforts to lower voter registration, the deliberate spreading of misinformation, improper purging of voter rolls and more. What’s worse is that the Supreme Court failed to stand up for voting rights just months ago.”


Amidst the May 21st election results there is an important story that must be told. It's the story of working people running for office and being elected to lead their communities. Up and down the state, union members who work in the public and the private sector, who are currently working and those who are retired, who have served before and those who are stepping up for the first time, won their elections.


SUNDAY      11/4
MONDAY     11/5
TUESDAY    11/6

Canvasses: drop-in between 10:00am - 6:00pm
Phone banks: anytime from 10:00am - 8:30pm

Election day we’re wrapping up at 7:00pm  Join us at the Portland Hilton at 7:00pm to watch the results come in. 

All canvasses & phone banks meet at 3645 SE 32nd ave in Portland

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The Oregon AFL-CIO COPE Board has made its endorsements for the 2012 General Election - click here to read the list.


Workers in Oregon are celebrating the victory of candidates in three House Districts who made campaign promises to stand up for working Oregonians, and in one case, whose past voting record shows a commitment to creating a stronger Oregon for all of us.

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Join union members as we fight to put a worker-friendly majority back in our State House of Representatives and elect candidates who will stand up for our families and the middle class.

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The Oregon AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE), representing over 225,000 workers across all sectors of Oregon's economy and from every corner of the state, gathered today to discuss endorsements in various races.

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Legislative Rankings

Every legislative session we consider how well legislators represented the interests of their constituents on bills that affect Oregon’s economy, job creation, workers’ rights, and your ability to get ahead.

2011 Legislative Rankings

The Oregon AFL-CIO’s top priority leading into the 2011 Legislative Session was job creation legislation. While only a few direct job creation bills were passed, many bills that will make it easier to bring good jobs to Oregon and strengthen our economy for the future were successful. Those bills, as well as bills to extend unemployment insurance, protect workers' rights, and address other important workplace and economic issues, were evaluated in the Oregon AFL-CIO’s 2011 Legislative Rankings.

Click here to see our 2011 Legislative Rankings.


Fighting for our union members, the middle class and hard working families across Oregon is our top priority, and this legislative session is no exception.

Federal and state endorsements from your union movement.

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