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America's Next Top Role Model

As a 14-year-old, Sara Ziff faced situations most adults find difficult to manage. But as a model barely out of middle school, sexual harassment and fighting for wages owed to her were all too common. She found out she wasn’t alone. Other models faced the same challenges, and many were pressured to drop out of high school to make the most of a short-lived career.

They banded together to address these concerns collectively, to establish fair and ethical standards in the workplace. In 2012, Ziff formed the Model Alliance to bring dramatic and lasting change in the fashion industry. We spoke with Ziff this month about the fashion industry and the initiatives at The Model Alliance. Read the full article>>>


“Too many voters are being disenfranchised in this country, and much of it is intentional,” said Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain. “In too many states we have seen calculated efforts to lower voter registration, the deliberate spreading of misinformation, improper purging of voter rolls and more. What’s worse is that the Supreme Court failed to stand up for voting rights just months ago.”


March for Immigration Reform in Hermiston


Officers Were Sworn in at a Meeting on February 14th of the Marion-Polk-Yamhill Counties Central Labor Council (MPYCCLC), AFL-CIO by Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown.

Salem, OR – Delegates from 22 local unions installed Kathy Bonogofski to lead the mid-Willamette Valley labor umbrella group. Kathy Bonogofski, a Chapter President with Oregon School Employees Association, will serve a two-year term as Council President of Marion-Polk-Yamhill Counties Central Labor Council, a local labor federation chartered by the AFL-CIO. The labor council’s mission is to coordinate local union political efforts, raise organized labor's visibility, and organize a community response when workers are wronged … in short, to build the power of working people.

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