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Strong Schools, Strong Jobs, Strong Oregon.

Rally in Salem on the steps of our State Capitol at noon on Monday, February 20th
See this week’s article for more information.

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Strong Schools, Strong Jobs, Strong Oregon

Stand together with your fellow union members, activists, our schools and communities on Monday, February 20th from noon – 1:00pm as we rally in Salem on the Capitol steps. 
The State Legislature is in session for February and it is crucial that we take this opportunity to speak up:  Working Oregonians need good jobs to support our families and good schools to teach our children.   Invite your friends and family to join you on Monday so that we can fill the Capitol steps with thousands of strong voices and send our leaders a unified message:  Strong schools and strong jobs will create a strong Oregon.

Click here to download a flier for the event.
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Support Cab Drivers!

In Portland, cab drivers are working for less than $7 an hour on average (yes, that's under the minimum wage), pulling 10-12 hour shifts to make ends meet and receive very limited services and benefits from cab companies.  Often, the only service provided is to dispatch the cabs which can cost drivers up to $500 per week, equaling nearly $26,000 in the pockets of the companies per driver, per year. 

There are companies and cooperatives whose workers make a decent wage and who provide real services to their workers, but the city’s current system doesn’t differentiate between the good and the bad.  Portland’s cab system must prioritize passenger safety, safe working conditions and the creation of good jobs.  Download this flier to learn more and get involved:
Read more about conditions that Portland’s cab drivers face:
Submit a letter to the city of Portland calling for change:

Update from the Legislature

The legislative fight to protect Oregon workers and create Oregon jobs is in full swing in Salem. Last week the Oregon Senate passed Senate Memorial 201 which calls on Congress to pass the TRADE Act. Along with SM 201, we are seeing movement on a number of good bills that, if passed, will: stop employers from discriminating against unemployed workers seeking jobs, put buses and trains built with high amounts of American-made materials to use, and review our workforce system so that we can make it work better for our workers and employers despite the shortage of funds available.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if your union needs help with legislative goals or if you have questions.



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