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Stay in the loop during this legislative session and get up-to-date information from your State Representative and State Senator.

Keeping in the loop keeps us all informed – so that we can make sure our legislators are making good decisions for Oregon’s middle class, working people and the unemployed.

To find your legislator go to [ ]

Once you’ve found who represents you click on their website link.

Look for a section called News. Most legislators have a news action on their sites and there will likely be a link to sign up for an email newsletter

Then go to their town halls and raise the issues that matter to real Oregonians!

School Board Battlegrounds

Elected leaders who genuinely understand the issues important to our union movement aren’t as common as they should be. Candidates receive labor endorsements based on a variety of factors, including taking the time to sit down with union members to better understand what working people in our state need, but how many of our elected leaders have actually been dues paying union members, and know what we face day in and day out?

That’s why we need union members to take on new leadership roles in Oregon. Who better to understand our issues than someone who has walked the same path as you and I? Oregon’s union movement is diverse. It gives us strength. And having union members take on leadership roles in the state, regardless of which union they come from, is a step in the right direction for us as a movement.

There are efforts underway in Oregon to place conservative, anti-union candidates onto school boards. Read more about these efforts here:

We need union members who are willing to step up and counter these efforts to run for various school board positions around the state. If you’re interested, please contact our Political Director, Graham Trainor, at

In Other News...
10 Years in the Making: TSA Officers to Unionize

The Transportation Security Administration won the right to collectively bargain last week. After a decade of being told that they didn’t have the right to collective bargain for rights at the workplace and decent pay, TSA officers finally have the option to be represented - either by the National Treasury Employees Union or the American Federation of Government Employees. The election to determine a representing union will be held in March.

Efforts to unionize TSA have been extremely politicized, especially as public employees’ unions come under fire with Congress looks to curb spending at all costs. As of 2009, TSA employs 56,221 people nationwide.

Read more about TSA’s unionization here:

Upcoming Events: We need your help!

We have a few events coming up that you won’t want to miss, and we’re on the lookout for help with getting Oregon back to work.

The first meeting of Oregon Wants to Work: February 16th

With over 10% of Oregonians unemployed and looking for work, not to mention thousands of others who have given up looking or are piecing together part time jobs, there will be plenty to address. If you are out of work or know someone who is, please join us!
Wednesday, February 16th
5:30pm – 7:00pm
PCC Workforce Training Center: 5600 NE 42nd Killingsworth
Download a PDF of this event’s flyer:

Rally for Jobs: March 7th

We’ll be on the steps of the Capitol beginning at noon on March 7th. Join us, and demand good jobs and help advocate for job creating legislation in Oregon.
Transportation from Portland will be provided, details TBA.
Download a PDF of this event’s flyer:

The second meeting of Oregon Wants to Work: March 23rd
Location and time TBA. We’ll keep you updated as we finalize the details for this event.

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