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Weekly Update: Bring Jobs Home.

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It’s Time to Bring Jobs Home.

50,000 US manufacturing facilities have closed their doors in just ten years - and 6 million family wage, good manufacturing jobs were lost along with them.  Our trade deficit has grown dramatically, while the largest non-financial corporations in our country are sitting on a record sum of $1 trillion instead of investing in jobs and rebuilding our economy.  These shortsighted tactics are what’s really preventing recovery – and they are shortsighted.  Once more Americans start working, we’ll be able to buy more, creating the demand that will earn corporations back the money they invest in us, and helping to create even more jobs.

It’s time to bring some of those 6 million jobs home. 

In Oregon, where our ports are used mostly for exporting goods, this means stop sending out so many products for finishing in other countries, and creating the value-added jobs that pay high wages here.  By increasing domestic manufacturing, we can create more jobs, export better goods and continue to rebuild our economy both in Oregon and across the nation.
The AFL-CIO is ramping up for a series of actions this summer to highlight the need to bring good jobs back to our country.  Stay tuned for action alerts and ways to raise your voice.  

See this week’s Take Action to help spread the word.


In Other News...

Oregon Labor Candidate School

When union members vote, union members win.  And when you’re voting for a fellow union member, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll have your back.

A coalition of Oregon unions have founded the Oregon Labor Candidate School (OLCS) to prepare union members to run for office.  OLCS is accepting applications until July 20th for their first class which starts on September 14th

This is a great opportunity for union members who are considering running for office – be it a school board race, city council or state legislature. OLCS has the resources you need to get your campaign rolling. Applications and more information can be found at



Work Connects Us All

The AFL-CIO has added some exciting new features to Work Connects Us All! You can now go through your day and see how different workers are connected to each step you take – from morning breakfast to how you spend time with family and friends; this interactive tool shows you the many ways that our work connects us to each other through everyday tasks.

Click here to get started and see how your daily routine connects you to others; and stay tuned for Work Connects Us All events happening in the Portland area throughout the summer!




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