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2012 Primary Election Results

Pro-Worker Candidates Soar to Victory in House Races Across Oregon

Workers in Oregon are celebrating the victory of candidates in three House Districts who made campaign promises to stand up for working Oregonians, and in one case, whose past voting record shows a commitment to creating a stronger Oregon for all of us.

From inner Portland to Pendleton, many union-endorsed candidates won decisive victories, proving that a pro-worker platform that prioritizes good jobs, reliable services, and a stronger economy is what voters are looking for.

In Portland, Jennifer Williamson faced a strong opponent in Sharon Meieran. Williamson connected with voters who felt like she would be an advocate for their issues, and that she understood the struggles their families faced. Williamson's commitment to a better healthcare system, good jobs, and an affordable education, won her support across her district.

Union members and Working America members made thousands of calls and door knocks for Williamson, talking to every member in the district, as well as many Oregonians who aren't a member of either organization but who related to the economic issues Working America and unions were talking about on the phones and the doors.

In Hillsboro, union-endorsed Ben Unger also ran a strong primary campaign. Unger's history of working side-by-side with union members on important campaigns and for key economic reforms like standing up to illegal debt-collection practices won him broad support from working people.

In Pendleton, endorsed candidate Bob Jenson won handily, defeating an opponent who tried to attack his record for working people. Jenson has taken some controversial votes, but all of them stood up for workers in his district. Jenson has consistently shown a strong commitment to balancing his district's conservative values with his constituents needs for good services, strong schools, and high-wage jobs. That's the type of balance workers in his area were looking for, and last night they were celebrating his victory.

Union members, Working America members, and other hard working, middle class Oregonians are committed to working hard and driving high worker turnout in November, where they hope to put work-advocates in the driver’s seat in the Legislature.


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