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Weekly Update: Our Needs Beat Their Greed

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Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed
December 10th, 1:00pm in Director Park, Portland

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December 10th

Next week, the Oregon AFL-CIO along with Oregon AFSCME, Occupy Portland, CAUSA, and Portland Jobs with Justice will remind downtown Portland about the true spirit of the holidays:  Human needs.
Corporations are shipping our jobs overseas and clearing their offices and factories of American workers in the process.  They fight against our unemployment benefits in Congress through their lobbyists and political puppets.  They raise profits with one hand and push away their responsibility to pay a fair share with the other.  

As individuals, the middle class doesn’t make a lot of money, but when we come together and act collectively we speak volumes.  This holiday season, don’t fund the same corporations that are fighting to end unemployment benefits.  Stand up and raise your voice: We are the 99% and we will not sit idle while corporations ferociously pursue their bottom line at all costs.

Join us next week:  On December 10th, we will gather in Director Park at 1:00pm where we will rally to put human needs above corporate greed.  From there, we’ll spread out throughout the downtown shopping district and pass out leaflets to holiday shoppers to help them spend their money in the right places.

After the rally and march, join us for music and a holiday potluck.  Remember to bring a can or two of food for the Oregon Food Bank as well!

In Other News...

Breaking Down Wealth Inequality

Occupy Wall Street has rippled across the country leaving a wake of activism and protest in nearly every state and wide-scale demonstrations teeming in over 20 major North American cities.  The message is clear: we are the 99%.  We work the jobs, we pay the bills and we’re tired of the 1% keeping all of the profits.

Occupy has raised a flag that boldly reads: Wealth inequality is getting worse and it will continue to increase unless we stand up, speak out and stop it.

Read more about our nation’s disproportionate wealth and how you can fight back here.

Download a graphic showing how we can beat the 1%’s money with our people-power here.

American Legislative Exchange Council

They’re at it again: The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is holding their States & Nation Policy Summit this week in Phoenix, AZ.   ALEC is promoting a lot of ideas that we’ve been fighting against:  so-called public pension ‘reform’, pushing massive free trade and generally cutting as much government regulation as they possibly can. 

As we move closer to the 2012 election and the 2013 legislative session, we will keep you informed of ALEC’s tentacles creeping into our state and give you the tools to stop their attack on our rights.




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